Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura summary and ending explained (2024)

Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura revolves around a competition involving fighters from the Kengan Association and the Underground Arena. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This article contains heavy spoilers

Plot summary

Mitsunari Tokugawa of the Underground Arena and Metsudo Katahara of the Kengan Association decide to have a fighting competition between the fighters of their organizations.

There has been a similar competition before. Doppo Orochi represented the Underground Arena in the fight against one of the Kengan Association’s fighters.

It is unknown who won the competition. What is known is the fact that the competition was brutal, even for Doppo Orochi.

The Kengan Association’s fighters are not to be taken lightly. They are skilled fighters who are hired by various companies to settle their disputes through combat.

The fighters from the two organizations meet on the day of the competition, which will be televised for a group of wealthy people.

The first match is between Kaoru Hanayama and Saw Paing Yoroizuka, a fighter from Myanmar whose father has experience fighting against the Underground Arena’s fighters.

Saw Paing has prepared for such a fight all his life. He has made his bones, especially his skull, stronger than metal through his training.

Hanayama does not find it easy to defeat him, but he eventually manages to do so. A defeated Saw Paing is resolved to meet Hanayama again.

The next match is between Jack Hammer and Raian Kure. Raian comes from a dynasty of assassins and is the strongest in his clan.

While Jack has used doping and surgeries to become stronger, Raian’s strength is the result of his family’s selective breeding program, which blends superior genes from outside the clan into their own bloodline.

The match is not as easy as Raian had expected. He has to resort to his ability to release 100% of his latent power to win.

Once Raian knocks Jack out briefly, he is declared the winner. However, Jack wakes up, and they continue fighting, making it evident that they will not stop until one of them is dead.

Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of Pickle, who is there to fight Jack. Before the three of them can start fighting each other, Baki stops them.

While Baki asks his brother to accept defeat and makes him walk away, a man named Ohma calms Pickle down and makes him leave, bringing the fighting to an end.

The third and final fight is between Baki, the champion of the Underground Arena, and Ohma Tokita, who is known as The Ashura.

This will be the decisive fight that will determine which of the two underground organizations will win the competition.

Ending explained:

Ohma and Baki’s fight

Ohma and Baki immediately grasp each other’s strength. While Baki prepares by shadow boxing, Ohma trains in his sleep.

They feel a sense of kinship, recognizing that they are both very similar—they have both known fighting and nothing else their whole lives.

As their fight begins, Baki demonstrates his incredible skills by easily countering Ohma’s technique, Indestructible, which makes him immune to his opponent’s hits.

Although Ohma’s technique is ineffective against Baki, he still manages to go toe-to-toe with him, making it difficult for the spectators to follow their moves.

Baki manages to use Ohma’s own move against him after seeing it only once, leading to Ohma realizing just how skilled Baki is.

Similarly, Baki, who has used many of his moves on Ohma but has not yet been able to defeat him, acknowledges Ohma’s strength.

To defeat Baki, Ohma uses a move that releases one’s latent ability, but this move is a double-edged sword because it raises the user’s blood pressure fivefold.

However, even with this move, he fails to defeat Baki. Both of them are equally matched in strength and exchange blows until they both fall unconscious.

The interruption

Baki and Ohma are woken up by the arrival of Baki’s father, Yujiro, a fighter feared by all. Yujiro knew Niko, the fighter from whom Ohma inherited the Niko Style of fighting.

Yujiro now wants to fight Ohma, even though Baki and Ohma’s fight has not ended yet. Another exceptional fighter named Kuroki also arrives there.

Yujiro and Kuroki, two men who have attained the pinnacle of strength, both seek to fight. Yujiro and Kuroki prepare to face each other.

Ohma and Baki do not like the fact that Yujiro and Kuroki are interrupting their fight, so they attack the two older men but fail to even touch them.

Finally, Mitsunari Tokugawa yells at the four of them. He had planned to set up a fight between Yujiro and Kuroki, but they ruined everything by arriving early and making a scene.

Mitsunari Tokugawa still promises to set up a fight between Yujiro and Kuroki. As a result, the two fighters agree to leave.

Who wins the competition?

Baki is no longer excited about fighting Ohma, realizing his limitations after failing to land a punch on Kuroki.

Ohma also realizes that the two of them need to train more to be as good as Yujiro and Kuroki, so they conclude their fight with the promise of continuing it another time.

Believing that Yujiro and Kuroki’s interruption has ruined the competition, Metsudo Katahara and Mitsunari Tokugawa also decide not to continue the match.

They call it a draw, agreeing to determine a winner in the next competition. After the competition, Baki and Ohma continue training hard to grow stronger.

In the end, Seishu Akoya is seen standing alone outside, convinced that something strange is happening. He assumes his stance, ready to fight his opponents.

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Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura summary and ending explained (2024)
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