Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (2024)

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With more than 150 available bloodlines to roll and earn by defeating tough bosses in Shindo Life, players can build and improve their character's strength significantly and increase their chances of battling tougher enemies. Like other Roblox games, developers release new codes for Shindo Life every month, allowing players multiple rolls to acquire some of the greatest bloodlines in the game. It is then up to the player to build and customize their character with newly-acquired bloodlines as they attempt to take on powerful bosses.

Due to the sher number of available bloodlines in Roblox's Shindo Life, this list will focus on placing each and every available bloodline into a tier list, ranging from the top-ranked S+ to the F tiers. As players have just two slots for bloodlines — and two more unlockable slots achieved by playing through the game — it's important to decipher which ones will give the player an edge in battle and those that should be kept on the sidelines.

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Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (1)
  • Menza
  • Vine
  • Azarashi
  • Okami
  • Bolt
  • Bubble
  • Seishin
  • Variety-Mud
  • Shado
  • Gold-Sand
  • Ice
  • Minakami
  • Mud
  • Nature
  • Boil
  • Lava
  • Crystal

These bloodlines fall into the F-tier as some of the worst bloodlines available. The majority of these bloodlines are basic, entry-level ones that most players will come across at the start of their playthrough and offer base-level damage output and minimal buffs. They also happen to hold some of the higher rates of acquiring them in spins at 16.67%, meaning players are more likely to run into them and receive duplicates of each during their playing time.

Spins are earned by completing daily missions, playing the Arena game mode or from My Home, or receiving free spins through codes that are given out by developers each month. Codes are typically given out when milestones are achieved or when a new update comes out, so players should always be on the lookout as the codes are often quite generous.


Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (2)
  • Bankai-Inferno
  • Riser-Inferno
  • Ghost-Korashi
  • Satori-Rengoku
  • Satori-Gold
  • Inferno-Korashi
  • Cobra
  • Eternal
  • Hair
  • Kabu-Cobra
  • Jokei
  • Arahaki-Jokei
  • Glacier
  • Apollo-Sand
  • Jotaro-Shizen
  • Giovanni-Shizen
  • Paper
  • Smoke
  • Typhoon
  • Dokei
  • Black Shock
  • Sound
  • Ink
  • Tsunami
  • Storm
  • Clay
  • Wanziame
  • Kokotsu

Falling just outside the bottom-ranked tier, these bloodlines are comparable to the F-tier but with slightly upgraded power and more utility for players.

Bankai-Inferno, Riser-Inferno, and Satori-Rengoku all stand out as some of the better bloodlines new players will run into and will receive a noticeable boost to their attributes. Unfortunately, most of the D-tier bloodlines don't come with new modes, something most of the higher-ranked bloodlines will contain, making them more valuable and sought after.

For Bankai-Inferno, players are more drawn to this bloodline for the abilities it comes with, such as swapping places with a clone that eventually explodes, causing major damage to anyone close enough, or surround the player with crows that attack nearby enemies.

The Jotaro-Shizen and Giovanni-Shizen bloodlines are based on the popular characters from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime and offer similar abilities such as creating giant golems and the power of flight.


Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (3)
  • Kerada
  • Explosion
  • Frost
  • Nectar
  • Saberu
  • Atomic
  • Kaijin
  • Dangan
  • Emerald
  • Koncho
  • Senko
  • Ashen-Storm
  • Kenichi
  • Azim-Senko
  • Pika-Senko
  • Shizen
  • Rykan-Shizen
  • Jayramaki-Azure
  • Odin-Saberu
  • Jayramaki
  • Sarachia-Gold
  • Sarachia-Akuma
  • Xeno-Azure
  • Xeno-Dokei
  • Mecha-Spirit
  • Tengoku
  • Tengoku-Platinum
  • Sengoku
  • Sengoku-Inferno
  • Web
  • Blood

These bloodlines fall into the middle of the pack, as many contain useful abilities and modes that can be helpful when upgrading from the previous tiers, but they lack the major firepower that some of the better bloodlines possess.

It's the first appearance of an Akuma-based bloodline, one of nine from the series that many players label as the best in Shindo Life. Unfortunately, Sarachia-Akuma pales in comparison to the others; however, the Shuriken Counter copy style is an effective ability that both counters attacks and launches of series of powerful counterattacks.

The Senko and Sengoku series also land in this tier, providing players with a decent measure of strong attacks and defensive mechanics that set up for good character building.

With a little bit of luck, better spins will mean these bloodlines will quickly become ineffective and take a back seat to stronger abilities and modes. However, like many other Roblox games, rolling a top-tier bloodline is under one-percent odds.

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Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (4)
  • Kagoku
  • Kagoku-Platinum
  • Rengoku
  • Fizz
  • Ryuji-Kenichi
  • Obi-Ren-Kengoku
  • Zero-Glacier
  • Shiro-Glacier
  • Apol-Sand
  • Narumaki
  • Narumaki-Ruby
  • Yang-Narumaki
  • Forged-Rengoku
  • Forged-Sengoku
  • Jinshiki
  • Dio-Senko
  • Dio-Senko-Rose
  • Dio-Azure
  • Magma
  • Sand
  • Scorch
  • Rune-Koncho

These bloodlines introduce players to a stronger cast of abilities and modes that don't necessarily make them elite-level, but are definite improvements over their predecessors. Offering a good variation of melee attacks and defensive walls, players will be encouraged to use the Glacier, Narumaki, and Kangoku bloodlines.

Sadly, bloodlines like Dio-Senko, Dio-Senko-Rose, and Dio-Azure were limited-time draws, but there may be a chance they make a return in a later update.

One notable bloodline from this group is Forged-Rengoku, which packs a unique set of abilities that stands out from the rest. The first two abilities, Gezo Stellar and Gezo Soul, summon a beast that players can take advantage of, either by healing up or standing atop the beast and launching additional attacks.

The last ability, Dimension Trap, locks enemies into a portal for several moments, allowing players to gain back some health while the dimension lowers that of the enemies caught.


Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (5)
  • Inferno
  • Fume
  • Getsuga
  • Six-Paths-Narumaki
  • Getsuga-Black
  • Raion-Gaiden
  • Sengoku-Gaiden
  • Bruce-Kenichi
  • Tetsuo-Kaijin
  • Head-Less
  • Ray-Kerada
  • Ray-Kerada-Yang
  • Alphirama-Shizen
  • Renshiki-Ruby
  • Renshiki-Gold
  • Renshiki
  • Vengeance
  • Doom-Shado
  • Sun-Knight
  • Gold-Jokei
  • Dark-Jokei
  • Light-Jokei
  • Raion-Akuma
  • Raion-Rengoku
  • Raion-Azure
  • Raion-Sengoku
  • Riser-Akuma
  • Satori-Akuma
  • Vanhelsing
  • Borumaki
  • Borumaki-Gold
  • Octo-Ink
  • Eastwood-Korashi
  • Kamaki
  • Kamaki-Amethyst
  • Akuma
  • Shiver-Akuma

A large portion of great bloodlines will be hard to obtain, as the odds of obtaining any one of them come at two percent or lower in spins. Five more Akuma-based bloodlines are featured in the A-tier and for good reason, as the abilities and sheer magnitude of power when compared to previously-featured Akumas is night and day.

Raion-Akuma is a leap in power and effectiveness compared to lower-tiered Akumas, as Lightning Blaze boosts a player's speed while engulfing their arm in electricity and black flames, burning the enemy on impact and causing major damage.

Elemental bloodlines like Fume and Inferno are extremely viable for competitive use, as they offer players a range of moves that damage enemies in the short and long term. Fume's Oxygen Vortex will have a player exude steam that both captures and locks enemies in its vortex, causing damage each second they are engulfed. Once released, the enemy will release vapor, exploding and causing mass damage as a result.


Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (6)
  • Powder
  • Aizden
  • Aizden-Inverse
  • Shindai-Rengoku
  • Shindai-Rengoku-Yang
  • Surge, Minakaze
  • Minakaze-Ruby
  • Minakaze-Azure
  • Doku-Tengoku
  • Doku-Scorpion
  • Strange
  • Fate
  • Bankai-Akuma
  • SnakeMan
  • SnakeMan-Platinum
  • Kamaki-Akuma
  • Kamaki-Inferno
  • Shindai-Ramen
  • Ragnar
  • Shiver-Ragnar

Landing into the higher tier, players that acquire these special bloodlines will set themselves up for major success in Shindo Life for a long period of time. The Rengoku and Minakaze lines in this tier are tremendous upgrades and possess overpowered abilities that will have players crushing through competition and taking down behemoth-strengthed bosses.

The Powder and Surge bloodlines are the best elemental-based ones in the game, and should be targeted by those who wish to gain an upper hand in late-game play.

Aizden-Inverse, a variation of the Aizden bloodline, is one of the rarest in the game with a 0.2% probability of pulling it in a spin. While it's a slight notch below the best bloodlines in the game, it's versatile enough to be considered as one of the most-valued ones to use.

Aizden-Inverse's abilities revolve around using black-cyan energy, creating attacks that cause a massive amount of damage while stunning the enemy for a brief period of time. It also features a two-stage mode which are both available at level 800, and grant the user with multiple melee-style attacks that will give an overwhelming advantage in combat.


Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (7)
  • Shindai-Akuma
  • Ashura-Shizen
  • Ashura-Ruby
  • Deva-Rengoku
  • Gura-Rengoku
  • Deva-Sengoku
  • Indra-Akuma
  • Indra-Akuma-Purple

The cream of the crop, these bloodlines will leave any player jumping out of their seats if they manage to pull one of them. All eight have less than a 2% chance, with seven having a below 1% odds, making them extremely rare and over-valued by the Shindo Life player base.

Shindai-Akuma, the best of the nine character-specific Akuma bloodlines, grants the user with a number of clone creation and large area-of-effect attacks and can also be obtained from the Shindai Valley Dungeon in the Dungeon Game Mode, and has a 1 in 15 chance of dropping.

The Ashura-Shizen and Ashura-Ruby are the only Clan-based bloodlines in the top tier and for good reason — they launch an assault of high-damage attacks while also draining the chi of affected enemies. This grants players with the ability to both exhaust an enemy's health while replenishing chi at the same time.

Players who manage to pull any of the eight S+ tiered bloodlines immediately put themselves in position to exceed all expectations in Shindo Life.

Roblox (and Shindo Life) are available for PC, Mobile, and Xbox One.

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Roblox: Shindo Life Bloodline Tier List (2024)


Which is the best bloodline in Shindo Life? ›

The Ashura-Shizen and Ashura-Ruby are the only Clan-based bloodlines in the top tier and for good reason — they launch an assault of high-damage attacks while also draining the chi of affected enemies. This grants players with the ability to both exhaust an enemy's health while replenishing chi at the same time.

What's the rarest bloodline in Shindo Life? ›

The Rarest Bloodlines you can get is the Kage Specs, which has 1/300 and 1/400 chance of getting it. Ashen-Storm and Rykan-Shizen has a 1/300 chance, Arahaki-Jokei and Dio-Senko has a 1/400 chance, Tengoku isn't a Kage Spec but it has a 1/150 chance of getting it which is pretty hard to get...

Is vine bloodline good? ›

Rarity. Vine is an Elemental Bloodline with a rarity of 1/120. Vine's moveset revolves around stunning, temporary invincibility, and stealth movement, making it ideal for PvP.

How rare is wood bloodline? ›

Rarity. Wood is an Elemental Bloodline with a rarity of 1/6.

Is Xeno Dokei good? ›

This Bloodline's 2nd stage C ability is the best ability to use for killing bosses due to its high damage-per-second.

Are Xeno Dokei and Xeno Azure the same? ›

Xeno-Azure is a limited-time Eye Bloodline with a rarity of 1/250. Xeno-Azure's moveset revolves around manipulating blood to cast delayed attacks and illusions. This is a variation of Xeno-Dokei.

What does rell bloodline do? ›

RELL is a Clan Bloodline with a rarity of 1/10,000. RELL's moveset revolves around using "RELL Platinum" to give the user and the target Ryo, RELL Coin, Spins and Experience Points.

What's the rarest element in Shindo Life? ›

The elements available in-game are as follows:
Rare ElementsRarityLevels
8 more rows

What does a bloodline bag do? ›

Bloodline Bag

This gamepass spec saves your unlocked bloodline in an inventory.

Is web a good bloodline? ›

Web is a limited-time Elemental Bloodline with a rarity of 1/120. Alternatively, players that owned the Bloodline Bag gamepass can purchase this Bloodline for 699. Its moveset revolves around the use of webs for mobility purposes and stunning, making it ideal for PVP.

Whose bloodline is Tengoku? ›

Tengoku is a limited-time Eye Bloodline with a rarity of 1/150. Additionally, it can be obtained from the Samurai Bridge Dungeon in the Dungeon Game Mode with a rarity of 1/18. It has two variants: Doku-Tengoku and Tengoku-Platinum.

What is Naruto's bloodline in Shindo Life? ›

Bloodlines are unique abilities in Shindo Life that give access to different powers derived from the Naruto anime.

What is the rarity of ice bloodline? ›

Ice is an Elemental Bloodline with a rarity of 1/6. Ice's moveset revolves around area-of-effect damage and stunning enemies with ice. The Glacier Bloodline is considered a superior Clan Bloodline variation of Ice.

How rare is blood in Shindo? ›

Blood is an Elemental Bloodline with a rarity of 1/80. Blood's moveset revolves around the use of long ranged blood streams.

Is wood rarer than diamond? ›

Did you know that wood is more rare than diamonds? Sounds really hard to believe, but this is actually true throughout the universe. There are thousands of planets. where it rains diamonds every day, like on Neptune or Uranus.

Is Deva Sengoku better than Sengoku? ›

Deva-Sengoku is essentially Deva-Rengoku, but with different colors. It offers no increased damage or stats, and has the same moveset.

Is the rell bloodline obtainable? ›

Currently, RELL is the rarest Bloodline in the game, with a rarity of 1/10,000. A player must be in-game for the moves' cooldowns to pass.

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