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Do you have lots of data in PDF format that you need to extract? If so, you're not alone. With the rise of digital technology, more and more documents are being stored in PDFs. Extracting data from these documents can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be.

With UPDF, you can easily edit, organize, convert, and annotate your PDF document and easily extract data from it. We'll show you how to use UPDF to extract data from PDF documents with ease. You should download it now and follow the instructions in this article.

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Get ready to take your data to the next level!

What Data is included in a PDF Document?

PDF documents contain many types of data, including text, images, videos, and audio. Understanding what type of data is included in a PDF document before extracting it is essential.

  • Text Data: Text data is the most common type found in a PDF document. It can include words, numbers, and symbols. It can be formatted with fonts, colors, and sizes. Automated data extraction from PDF can help extract this text data from PDF documents quickly and accurately.
  • Table Data: Tables are a way to organize and display data in rows and columns. They can contain both text and numeric data.
  • Image Data:Image data includes photos, diagrams, logos, and other visual content. These images can be embedded into a PDF document or linked to an external file.
  • Page Data:Page data includes information about the physical layout of a PDF document, such as page size, margins, header/footer information, and page numbers. Extracting page data from PDF documents can be done by extracting content from PDF that can automatically identify page structure information.

All of these types of data can be found within PDF documents and can be used to better understand a document's content.

What are the Challenges of Extracting Data from PDF?

When it comes to extracting data from a PDF, some challenges can come up.

  • PDFs Are Not Structured:PDF files are not typically created in a structured format, so it can be difficult to extract content from them accurately.
  • Inconsistent Formatting:Some PDF documents need consistent formatting, making it difficult to extract content accurately.
  • Poor Quality Scans:Poor-quality document scans can make extracting content from the PDF easier.
  • OCR Errors:Optical Character Recognition (OCR) errors can occur when extracting content from a scanned PDF document. It can lead to inaccurate results.

You need to use reliable software to avoid these challenges. Using UPDF, you can easily extract content from PDF files without any issues.

Method 1. How to Extract Data from PDF to Excel?

Do you want to extract data from a PDF file and turn it into an Excel spreadsheet?It's easier than you think!UPDF is a freemium PDF editor that makes it easy to convert PDF files into Excel.The free version lets you convert 2 files per day. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  • Download UPDF first.

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  • Open UPDF on your computer and click "Open File" to select the PDF you want to convert.
  • Click the first icon "Export PDF" on the right panel and choose the "Excel" option for the output format.
  • You can specify the page range if needed. Then, click "Export" to start the conversion process. Select the output folder to save the converted PDF, and UPDF will begin the conversion.
UPDF (1)

The converted file will now appear as an Excel spreadsheet in your chosen output folder. You can open the file and view all the extracted data from the PDF file.

UPDF (2)

As you can see, the exported Excel file is in a well-organized format. So if you need to extract data from a PDF form, give UPDF a try!

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Method 2. How to Batch Extract Data from PDF to Excel

Do you need to extract information from multiple PDF files quickly? Using the batch convert feature of UPDF is the best way.Here's how to get started:

  • When you open UPDF in your desktop system, you will see the "Batch" action button in the right corner. You have to click on this action button.
UPDF (3)
  • After clicking on the Batch option, you need to click on the "Convert" option.
UPDF (4)
  • When the batch process opens, click the "Add Files" button to import the PDF files. You can select multiple files at once.
  • On the right panel, you will find the "Output Format" option and select the "Excel" option. It will tell UPDF you want to convert your PDFs into Excel files.
  • You can choose the page range if you need to. Then click on the "Apply" button to start the conversion process.Select the output folder to save the converted PDF. UPDF will extract data from PDF to Excel immediately.
UPDF (5)

Now, you can easily extract information from your PDFs in bulk without opening each file and manually typing the content.Plus, you can batch convert multiple PDFs simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

So don't wait any longer. Try out UPDF today and get all the information you need quickly!

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UPDF now supports AI features, and users can purchase UPDF Pro and AI features at a discounted price.

Method 3. How to Extract Text from a Scanned PDF

When a PDF file is scanned, editing and searching its text becomes impossible. However, this can be resolved by converting it to editable text using OCR technology. UPDF supports OCR features on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The following are the steps you can take to extract text from PDF using OCR:

  • Open the PDF file and click the "Recognize Text Using OCR" button on the right. It will open a menu where you can select the "Document Type" tab and choose "Searchable PDF."
  • You must specify the layout in the "Layout" settings. Select "Text and pictures only" or "Text over the page image" and adjust the advanced layout options. Below this, you can choose the Document Language and change the "Image Resolution" settings.
  • Click "Perform OCR" if all the settings are finished.
UPDF (6)
  • After you perform the OCR, the PDF file will be reopened in UPDF and all the text can be edited.
  • Now you can click the "Export PDF" option in the interface's top-right corner and set "Text" as the output format. In this way, you can extract data from a scanned PDF file easily.

Method 4. How to Extract Data from PDF Form to .fdf

What is an FDF file?

An FDF file is a textual record created by extracting information from the form fields within a PDF document. It specifically contains data from text fields and excludes the actual form structure. By doing so, your data file becomes more compact as it focuses solely on the extracted data. UPDF offers us this form-to-FDF file conversion to make the filled information handling easier for you. Download UPDF now and anyone can extract form data by following these simple instructions.

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How to Extract PDF Form Data to FDF

Instructions: To extract the form data on UPDF, choose the "Prepare Forms" mode from the left toolbar, head to the top-right, and hit the "Form Settings" drop-down menu. Within this menu, choose the "Export Data (.fdf)" option and save it locally at your desired destination.

UPDF (7)

Benefits of Extracting PDF Form Data to FDF

Additionally, this PDF to FDF conversion will benefit you for the following reasons.

  • Data Transmission: FDF files can transmit essential form data electronically after reducing file size.
  • Automation and Batch Processing: These files support automated processes for generating, handling, and processing form data on a larger scale.
  • Integration with Databases: FDF files seamlessly integrate with different database software.
  • Web Forms: You embed these FDF files in web pages to allow users to submit form data online.

Method 5. How to Extract Images from PDF

UPDF offers an easy and efficient way to extract images from PDF without compromising quality. Just two simple steps to get it done!

  • First, you have to enter editing mode. To enter the editing mode, click "Edit PDF."
  • Then right-click on the image to select the "Extract Image" option. Choose the folder and click "Save."
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Method 6. How to Extract Pages from PDF

Extracting pages from a PDF is an easy process with UPDF. Follow the steps below:

  • To begin, open the PDF file you wish to edit in UPDF. To do this, click the "Open File" button and select your PDF from your computer.
  • Once the PDF is open, click on the "Organize Pages" tab from the left panel. It will bring up a list of pages on the top menu.
  • Select which pages you want to extract by selecting the corresponding checkboxes. Also, you can select the range of pages.
  • Once you have selected the pages you wish to extract, click the "Extract" button on the top panel. Now name the file and choose a location to save it on your desktop. Your extracted pages will now be saved as a new file.
UPDF (9)


This article taught us how to extract data from PDF documents with UPDF. We learned how to extract images, pages, and text from PDFs.

UPDF is a great tool for doing this quickly and easily. It's completely offline, so you don't have to worry about having internet access.So if you need to extract data from a PDF document, give UPDF a try. You won't be disappointed!

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UPDF (2024)
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